Folk Festival Workshop Ideas 2015

In the News: Songs inspired by newspaper headlines or articles, radio broadcasts, blogs, or other media.
All in the Family: Songs about family members or family dynamics.
Speak to the Spokes: Songs about bicycles or written while riding a bicycle.
Duck and Cover: Each performer in the workshop covers a song by another person on stage (requires advance notice).
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness: Songs about loneliness, empty spaces, isolation.
At the Back of the Bar: Songs written in bars or about bars.
Find it on a Map: Songs about cities, towns, landmarks, parks, or notable attractions.
Get Out Your Passport: Songs about travel or long distances.
Guitar technique: Tips for playing in alternate tunings, exploring the timbral possibilities of the guitar, playing with different fingerpicking patterns.
Writing workshop: Timed writing exercises using visual, text, or object prompts.
Harmony workshop: Songs should have some singalong sections and include multi-voice arrangements where harmony parts can be taught to the participants. Warm ups can include singing in rounds, creating chord clusters, blending exercises.
A cappella vocalizing: Participants will work towards the performance of one song, learning different parts that each represent an instrument, layering those parts on top of each other, and exploring the different sounds the voice can make – imitating instruments and percussion sounds with the voice.
More workshop ideas…

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