Folk Festival Workshop Ideas 2012

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: Each performer plays three songs – two must be true stories (or based on a true story) and one must be fiction. The audience could try to guess which is which.
CUPPA JOE: Songs about coffee, cafes, or “waking up in the morning”.
IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW: Songs with lessons that we wish we knew when we were younger.
NAME THAT TOWN: Songs about specific cities or towns. Performers elaborate on why a particular community sparked the song.
CONTEMPORARY A CAPPELLA SINGING: Tips for arranging songs for a cappella groups, exploring different kinds of vocal production/instrument imitation.
THE FINEST FORM OF FLATTERY: Songs that were inspired by other people’s songs (could be the form, melody, borrowing entire lines, using the same title, etc.)
GOING UNDERCOVER: Each performer covers songs by the other acts on stage (performers would need to have the schedule ahead of time).
CLASSICAL GRASS: Performers who use their classical backgrounds/training in their technique and/or writing. They could elaborate on which composers/styles/techniques inform their music.
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Songs about misunderstandings, bad timing, fuzzy long distance phone calls, etc.
SINGALONG SONG CIRCLE: All the songs performed should have singalong parts or call and response sections, or other audience participation elements.
FAMILY TREE: Songs about or inspired by family members.
THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Songs about home – leaving home, building a home, searching for a place to call home, etc.
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