Folk Festival Workshop Ideas 2013

Guitar Party Tricks – A workshop to teach little guitar techniques that can be used when accompanying oneself, for extra effects beyond just simple strumming.
What’s on the Menu – Songs about food/drink or that take place in restaurants/cafes/bars.
Doomsday – Songs about the end of the world, or songs that feel like it.
Literary Type – Songs inspired by poems/books/authors.
Surprise Ending – Songs with unexpected endings.
What’s Old is New Again – Performers play some of the oldest songs they can remember writing and some of the new songs that they’ve recently written
But That Doesn’t Rhyme! – Songs that work even though they don’t rhyme or songs that are through-composed or “train of thought”.
O Canada – Songs that name Canadian locations.
We’re Not Afraid of the Dark – Songs that are written about (or were written during) the night or the darkness.
Rise Up Singing – All songs have singalong parts for the audience and other performers on stage to join in on.
Choose Your Own Adventure – Each performer plays a song inspired by the song that was played just before it in the workshop.
Cover Me – Each performer plays a cover of a song by another person on stage or at the festival.
Are you looking for a longer, structured group workshop in fingerstyle guitar or songwriting (1 – 2 hours)? Download Shawna’s workshop information package: Shawna Caspi – workshops

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