Unraveling a new year

January 12, 2021

It’s tempting to toss the entire tangled mess of a tumultuous year aside and start tugging on the thread of a brand new spool.

But it’s worth acknowledging the knots and snags, the attempts, the failures, the places where we got stuck. How we started and where we are now.

I am feeling the claustrophobic discomfort of this static lockdown winter.
But I have been energized by the propelling motion of my recording project, which keeps going forward, bit by bit, while talented artists work their magic in isolation and share their contributions over internet connections.

I am glad for the opportunity to create something beautiful when the days are dark.

There is still time to support my new music and visual art project on Indiegogo. You have until palindrome day (1/21/21) to jump on board.

In these dark December days, in this very strange year, I hope you are holding on to the traditions that bring you comfort in whatever way you can.

This year, I chose David Francey‘s Nearly Midnight, as my “Twisted Christmas/Sad Winter Song” selection. A song about long night drives and sparks of light that glow in the dark.

After many remote production sessions over Zoom, my new album is getting ready to move on to the mixing stage. I also recently learned that my Canada Council for the Arts funding application for this project was accepted! I’m so grateful for the support.

New year, new music. There’s still time for you to be part of it by joining the crowdfunding campaign.

Be part of new art

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After many months of waiting, wondering, and working on a new album, I am launching a crowdfunding campaign so you can join me in this wild artistic journey! There are lots of cool perks, sneak peeks at album art, behind the scenes photos, and more information about this collection of new songs at Indiegogo. Choose […]

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Ten paintings

October 22, 2020

I’m still here. I feel like I have to keep repeating it. For me, for you, for now. I’ve been putting my lockdown energy into visual art these days. There’s a painting inspired by every song on my new album. You’ll get to see them all soon. You’ll get to hear new music soon. Please […]

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The versatility of a dining room table

September 16, 2020

Six months. It’s been a really long time since I’ve stayed anywhere for six straight months. So I learned how to bake rye bread And I played some Zoom concerts And now I’m working on a series of paintings to accompany my new album. Each one of these things turns my dining room upside down. […]

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Bed tracks in a pandemic

August 9, 2020

Back in March, I thought I’d be coming home from a US tour and jumping right into the bed tracks for my new album. For the first time, in all the recordings I’ve made, I was going to be in the studio with a four-piece band. We would be making music as an ensemble. It […]

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