Ten paintings

October 22, 2020

I’m still here.
I feel like I have to keep repeating it. For me, for you, for now.

I’ve been putting my lockdown energy into visual art these days. There’s a painting inspired by every song on my new album. You’ll get to see them all soon. You’ll get to hear new music soon.

Please stay home and stay safe. Thanks for staying with me.

Six months. It’s been a really long time since I’ve stayed anywhere for six straight months.

So I learned how to bake rye bread

And I played some Zoom concerts

And now I’m working on a series of paintings to accompany my new album.

Each one of these things turns my dining room upside down.
Or gives it life, I suppose.

Bed tracks in a pandemic

August 9, 2020

Back in March, I thought I’d be coming home from a US tour and jumping right into the bed tracks for my new album. For the first time, in all the recordings I’ve made, I was going to be in the studio with a four-piece band. We would be making music as an ensemble. It […]

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Home making

July 9, 2020

These days, instead of following the directions from my GPS, I’ve been following the directions in recipes I never had the time to try out. My small-but-mighty neighbourhood farmers’ market just opened for the season, and for local produce in the heat and height of summer, I am grateful. It’s still hard not to feel […]

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Three months

June 11, 2020

Three months ago, I played my last live show. It was at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island. Sitting at the bar next to the theatre space after the show, I looked up and saw this: We’re all trying to survive. That includes the many music venues that want to open again in safer days. Some […]

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Leaving Came Easy

May 16, 2020

All my live performances come from this little corner of my apartment now. Here’s another song that changed a lot during pre-production. I’ve been trying to learn it all over again as a solo fingerstyle guitar/voice song. If you missed the latest live stream on Facebook, you can check out the archived video here. Stay […]

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