Shawna brings a real presence to her performance that is equal parts fine guitar picking, clever, thoughtful lyrics, and warm, heartfelt vocals. Her ease on stage soon had the audience hanging on every word. Honestly, everyone who has ever had her to perform loves her, and now we know why. When Shawna sings, the honesty comes through; every listener feels like she’s singing to them.
– Sandy Irvin, Almonte, ON, Artistic Director, Folkus Concert Series

It was a real delight to have Shawna Caspi grace the stage at Blue Skies Music Festival this year.  The way she interweaves her stories, songs and guitar playing is pure delight for the audience.  She takes her music seriously, yet has a playful sense with the audience to engage them with her wonderful music.
Julia Phillips, Artistic Director, Blue Skies Music Festival

Shawna Caspi made her Calgary debut at the Nickelodeon with a set that featured three big plusses: exceptional singing, outstanding fingerstyle guitar artistry, and stellar songwriting.  Our audience loved it all.
–  Vic Bell, Calgary, AB, Artistic Director, Nickelodeon Music Club 

Shawna Caspi was a big hit at this year’s Ottawa Grassroots Festival. She was the opener for Old Man Luedecke and ran a workshop for beginner fingerstyle guitarists. Shawna is a very accomplished singer-songwriter and a mesmerizing guitarist. Best of all though, she is a true entertainer. That’s a quality that I look for in all performers, and Shawna has that in spades. Shawna was a joy to work with and I would have her back anytime.
– Bob Nesbitt, Ottawa, ON, Producer, Ottawa Grassroots Festival

Elegance in simplicity. There was no band present and there were no special effects but there was a very talented and brilliant musician and singer-songwriter who let the music do the “talking”. The real magic in this performance was the combination of gorgeous vocals, her beautiful guitar work, her well-crafted songs and her very warm on-stage performance.
– Paul and Liz McDonnell, Fredericton, NB, Lansdowne Concert Series

It was a real treat having Shawna as part of Six String Concerts this season. She’s an accomplished guitar player (listen to “Driverside” on “Apartments for Lovers”) and her songs have something to say (our audience reacted enthusiastically to “Not So Silent”). Listening to her banter with the audience while she altered the tuning on her guitar, I was reminded of another Canadian folksinger I saw live many years ago – Joni Mitchell! And, like Joni, Shawna paints too.
– Steve DiBartola, Columbus OH, Booking Coordinator, Six String Concerts

Shawna Caspi was a perfect fit for SongSpace: upbeat songs of love, life, and liberation, delivered with deft guitar work and a clear ringing voice.  You can’t help but feel good listening to her music and hearing her between-song stories.  We look forward to seeing her again in Pittsburgh!
– Brian Junker, Pittsburgh PA, Artistic Director, SongSpace at First Unitarian

We have hosted nearly 50 house concerts and Shawna Caspi is firmly placed in our top ten list of favourite artists.  Her music and songwriting is outstanding, she shares her charming personality and infectious humour, and gives her audience a splendid musical journey and emotional experience.
– Lynne & Ian Pregitzer, Sherwood Park, AB, R.Ouse Concerts

Shawna took the stage as our feature performer and quickly drew every member of the audience in with her clever lyrics and infectious melodies – her unique style of guitar playing was pretty wonderful too!
We can always tell when the audience enjoys the show as much as we do by the comments that come our way – and days after the show we’re still hearing from people who are saying things like “Loved the music and the fun that Shawna shared with us the other night.” And “I’ve been looking for this for a long time – I feel like I’ve found home again.”
And we know it’s true! Shawna’s songs have a way of making you feel at home, no matter where you are.
– Lynda Norman, Kelowna, BC, Executive Director, Kelowna Arts Council

Unique virtuosity and captivating vocals graced the stage of the Barnhartvale Coffee House in Kamloops BC in the person of Shawna Caspi. This talented singer/songwriter’s long awaited feature performance was engaging and spellbinding. We would welcome Shawna’s return any time.
– Rosemary Ash, Kamloops, BC, Booking Agent, Barnhartvale Coffee House

Shawna Caspi is a singer-songwriter making her mark in the acoustic roots domain of music. I am impressed by her beautiful, life-affirming songs and her warm, confident stage presence. She has a lovely voice and an ability to draw in an audience not only with her intelligent and poetic lyrics of the landscape of our times, but also with her manner of speaking and singing directly to you; each audience member feels embraced in a special dialogue. I believe that she will become yet another of our truly treasured Canadian artists.
– Lillian Wauthier, Toronto, ON, Artistic Director, Acoustic Harvest

It was a great pleasure to host a concert for Shawna. Shawna has a captivating musical style and unique ability to weave a melody and lyric. Her stage presence puts everyone at ease and she soon had the audience singing along with her. There is an inner strength which radiates from her when she performs, quickly capturing the audience and blocking out anything other than Shawna and her music.
– Dean Stairs, Lewisporte, NL, Citadel House

Shawna did an excellent job in our songwriter’s round. She has original material, communicates her songs well to the audience, and uses an impressive finger-picking style that fits very well with her vocals. She is a very talented writer.
– Dan Modlin of the Americana duo, Modlin&Scott, Bowling Green, KY, Songwriter Round Host, Gallery 916

Shawna gave a lively performance at the Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC. Her strong guitar skills, lovely voice and vivid songs and stories made for a delightful experience for our audience. Shawna is a talented musician and we would welcome her return to our venue.
– Louise Baker, Asheville, NC, Isis Music Hall

We’ve had the pleasure of having Shawna Caspi perform at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage twice now, once in an emerging artist lineup and more recently as the opening act for Garnet Rogers. We brought Shawna back because we expected her impressive mastery of the guitar and deeply-felt songwriting would be a beautiful complement to Garnet Rogers, and she didn’t disappoint. The audience was enthralled and we will happily bring Shawna back to Morrisburg at the first opportunity.
– Sandra Whitworth, Morrisburg, ON, President, St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage

Shawna Caspi is one of the most engaging performers to ever grace our concert series. A skilled composer and lyricist; her haunting voice and stunning guitar accompaniment round out this complete folk package. Her personal stories, both humorous and poignant, are told seamlessly through her intriguing lyrics and between-song banter. Every song is a narrative whose clever rhymes and unexpected musical structures ensure that the audience listens to every word, from beginning to end.
– Joanna Mills, Toronto, ON, O’Hara House Concerts

The Richards Landing Arts & Cultural Events Committee was pleased to present Shawna Caspi in concert as part of our ‘Just Passing Through’ series this summer for artists that are travelling through the area. Everyone in attendance seemed very entertained…it was easy to get lost in the music! Her beautiful artwork on display and the way that she presented herself to the audience made for a very enjoyable evening. We’d love to have her back in Richards Landing any time!
-Amanda Richardson, Richards Landing, ON, Richards Landing Arts & Cultural Events Committee

Shawna Caspi was charming and genuine. Her words were thought-provoking and her music was healing. We feel blessed to have met her and we are grateful for her spending her time and talent with us in Owen Sound…This singer/songwriter’s music will warm the soul…even in the cold of a Canadian winter.
– David Moss-Cornett, Owen Sound, ON, Mossy Gatherings

Shawna has played our house concert series twice. Her songs are melodic, her guitar skills virtuoso and her lyrics delicate, moving, topical, and fun. She drew the audience in to the songs and shared how they came to be in stories and anecdotes. Her love of music, performance and life was evident in every note.
– Mark Mongeau, Perth, ON, Hilltop House Concerts 

Three elements came together to make for a wonderful show. Shawna Caspi’s voice, being the first, has a well-sounded tone, a smooth bottom end, and clarity, making for a richer, sweeter listen. Shawna’s finger work on the guitar is assured love making of the neck and strings, bringing forth delightful melodies and rhythms. And of course, her rapport with the audience was light, and friendly. Shawna is a talented composer, musician, and entertainer, able to turn a small room of strangers, into a group of friends.
Dean Verger, Ottawa, ON, Former owner of Rasputin’s Folk Cafe, house concert presenter

Shawna Caspi has the rare gift of presence, a warm presence that immediately invites audience engagement, from the first strum of her skilled guitar playing to the last exquisite note she sings. Shawna’s lyrics show, her music and delivery tell; her songs are beautiful stories that stay with listeners long after the CD is spun, long after the gig is over.
– Andy Frank, Toronto, ON, Founding Partner, Roots Music Canada

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