CBC Love

I just found out that CBC Radio‘s Bandwidth will be spinning The Fair Ones from Skyline on the show this weekend! It airs this Saturday, May 5th from 5:00PM – 6:00PM EDT across Ontario on CBC Radio One, except in Toronto.
If you’re in Toronto (or anywhere worldwide!), you can tune in online.
When I was growing up in Ottawa, Bandwidth was a big part of “Park myself in front of the radio” Saturdays, a fully-stuffed listening feast that also included Definitely Not the Opera and RadioSonic back in those days. I’m thrilled that they are the first CBC show to pick up my new release.
The support of the CBC is absolutley invaluable to an independent singer-songwriter in Canada. The work they do, the art they support, the way they present it all with creativity and intelligent insight – these are things to cherish and celebrate. With deep cuts coming from the federal budget, the CBC is getting hit hard. If you believe in the great importance of the CBC as I do, please speak out about it, write letters, and show your CBC Love.
Thank you, CBC. I’m head over heels for you.

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