The Fair Ones – lyrics

I haven’t seen you since last week, on Thursday
When I saw you for the first time on the Eastbound train
Since then, I’ve been riding on the same line
In the same car, at the same time
In case the same girl might be riding it again

You stood out while I stood back
I got caught
I had a knapsack and a bass guitar
Do you remember?
I need to know who you are

Where are all the fair ones
All the kind ones
All the selfless ones
I believe that I’m one
And I’m out there
And I’m waiting. Please reply.

I moved to tell you how I felt
And who I was but then
Your stop came and you stepped off and left me
Mouth half-open, words half-out
Now I’m hopin’ I’ll be found
That this is fortune coming ’round

You were by far
A stunning piece of human being,
Full of style in every step, you were the best I’ve ever seen
There wasn’t time and there was too much on the line
To get these nearly unformable words
Over your clearly unstormable curves
And I have never been so sure
I have never been so sure

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