A signal from the falling leaves

There’s a back-to-school feeling that touring musicians get around this time of year. Summer festivals are winding down and new seasons of concert series are starting. Industry conferences rev up their motors. And suddenly fall is in full swing.

I had a busy September that took me around southern Ontario, the Northeast USA, and the Midwest USA. This month, I’ll be showcasing at the Folk Music Ontario conference in London, Ontario.

But I’m also looking forward to working on new songs, watching the leaves change colour, and buying butternut squash at the farmers’ market. Time to stock the freezer with homemade soup!

Road life is a good life

It feels amazing to be touring again and especially to be playing live music with other musicians. I had a so much fun assembling this band of all-stars for my main stage set at the Live from the Rock Folk Festival. Here’s a 5-piece version of Love in a Moving Van in the blazing August evening sun in Northern Ontario:

Thanks to Nathan Smith (fiddle), Sarah Hiltz (vocals), Tim O’Reilly (bass and vocals), and Hannah Shira Naiman (banjo) for bringing this song to life on stage.

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