Leaving Came Easy

May 16, 2020

All my live performances come from this little corner of my apartment now. Here’s another song that changed a lot during pre-production. I’ve been trying to learn it all over again as a solo fingerstyle guitar/voice song.

If you missed the latest live stream on Facebook, you can check out the archived video here. Stay home. Stay safe.

One More Chance

May 1, 2020

I’m waiting for lockdowns to be lifted so I can get moving on tracking my new album in the studios and with the people that are going to make it something special.

In the months leading up to our current isolation situations, Joel Schwartz and I were doing a lot of pre-production work on the album, trying different ways of playing the songs, working out arrangements, and recording our experiments. Some songs will have gone through a few transformations before arriving at the final versions that will appear on the album.

I’m releasing one of those earlier iterations of a brand new song called One More Chance today! If you buy the track on May 1st between midnight – midnight PDT on bandcamp, they will waive their revenue share fee, leaving more money in the hands of artists.

Click on the image to get the track on Bandcamp

Written in winter (with the support of the Toronto Arts Council), bounced around in pre-production, and stitched together in quarantine. Enjoy!

Be caring. Be honest. Be well.

Come what may, but not in May

April 13, 2020

Hello from my lockdown to yours! All of my shows in May have now been cancelled. June and beyond remain to be seen. For updates, keep checking the gigs page. I’m leaving all the dates posted, but updating them as “**CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19**” as I receive cancellations. In the meantime, feel free to check […]

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Gently down the stream

April 2, 2020

I’m joining the many folks who are working from home these days. I’ll be broadcasting two live concerts from my apartment via Facebook Live in the coming days. Tune in by going to my Facebook Page at the concert time and look for the “Live” icon: FRIDAY, APRIL 3Facebook Live : Presented by FemFolk UKTime: 8:30pm EDTAdmission: […]

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Hope Lives

March 20, 2020

Things have changed a lot. I returned home early from my US tour in March. My tour dates until the end of April are all cancelled. May and June are still up in the air. We are all adjusting to these unsettling times amid the COVID-19 outbreak. I have been in self-isolation since I returned […]

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In and out

February 27, 2020

Somewhere between all the songwriting and studio sessions, I found myself in the sunshine state for a week, culminating in a performance at the South Florida Folk Festival. It’s a bit delicious to walk barefoot through sand and surf in early February. Although I could never give up the immeasurable beauty of the moon reflecting […]

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