This is the End of It – Lyrics

Tablecloths and pepper mills and bottles full of wine
I got dressed and called ahead and now I’m on the line
All that’s good for nothing
All of them just pass me by

Now the lights are going down like napkins on their plates
And I’m staring at the chair that I’ve been saving since eight
But I know you’re not coming
I know you’re not just running late

All of those wasted hours
Pulling at laces and petals on flowers
The curve in my hip that I carved
And the red in my lips from biting down hard
No, I won’t make a wish
This is the end of it

They’re scraping at their little bowls, desserts with double spoons
And I can’t help but try to blame my bad luck on the moon
They lean into each other
And I know they’ll be leaving soon

They’re warming up the cars and picking up the cheques
All that I walk out with is this scarf around my neck
I keep looking for stars
But this dark night is all that I get

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