The Runner – Lyrics

You said it better, you said “It’s the pride in you”
You were well-read and I could confide in you
Both of us steady, but not quite decided
With good books and bait hooks and ghosts safely stowed
My eyes on your eyes and yours on the road

I stuck my toe in the aisle of the Greyhound
While you drove your car to the coast
Both of us bracing for when we’d get close again
Pacing ourselves
Making space in ourselves

You stole the show with your criminal hues
For all that I owe, I’m still paying my dues
You look like a runner but you can’t tie your shoes
Through time zones and pay phones and trading our keys
It’s lights up, then lights out, and back to the sea

Now you’re hauling in salt air and sand
And I’m bailing this boat, filling fast
But I know my marks and my nautical knots
And you pull me up to the top

There’s a call out for summer and its broken laws
In the shedding of curfews and clothes and applause
I strapped my sled to the roof and we sped
While the heat off your skin burned my winter cheeks red

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