The Love I Know – Lyrics

Call off all the neighbours
I’ll try to keep it down
Don’t do me any favours
I’ll show myself around

When I close the door behind me
I’ll leave the latch undone
You know where to find me
I’m not gonna run

If you’re gonna get here, I hope you get here soon
I’m leaving all the lights on, waiting up for you
With nothing to show but the distance between
The love I know and the love I’ve seen

I never learned to listen
I never learned to ask
I don’t know what I’m missing
But I’m scared it’s come to pass

I hold this heart together
With a needle and thread
I keep pulling for the better days
Coming up ahead

If you asked, I’d say I must be the last
In a long line
Still stealing glances, thought I’d have all the answers
After all this time

The papers don’t deliver here
No salesmen come to call
Nothing to lose out of fear
No words at all

If I could close this space between us
We’d be howling at the moon
But all I’ve got is patience
And this calendar of dates
And no one else in the room

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