So Much for the Weather – lyrics

The babbling brook is silenced
By the stillness of thirty below
And I’m wishing that I like that water
Had no place to go
Temperature warning despite global warming and
Forty nine days with no sun
Hunched over backs curled in curious poses
And blankets of white being windspun
And then I saw you
Under your woolen armour
I thought I heard you
Singing, but it gets harder
When the sounds keep disappearing
I went to bed with music in my ears and a
Street lamp lit behind my eyes
What if I slept for twenty four days
or at least until the cold subsides
Wrapped in defenses we smother our senses
Covered in layers of dress
Skin freezes faster, that smooth alabaster,
And polar conditions demanding the excess
And then I felt it
Through mittened fingertips
And if I let go
I thought I’d lose you
To the drifts
But then you kissed me
And our lips stuck together
So much for the weather

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