Roof Raised

Last week’s benefit concert was a huge success! If you’d like to read about it or keep up with Andy’s journey as he fights cancer, check out his blog.

The new CD is getting mastered! That means we’re only a few steps away from a shiny, new disc to spin. If you’ve pre-ordered, you’ll be the first to get your copy. There’s still time to order by visiting my Kapipal page. If you donate at the $200 (or more) level by February 7th, you’ll get your name printed in the thank yous.

A poster by a Man Called Wrycraft

Check out this beautiful poster for Thursday’s Raise the Roof and Raise the Rent for Andy Frank, designed by one of the best in the country – Michael Wrycraft.

Hope to see some of you tonight the TRANZAC for the Robbie Burns show!

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