Oleaster – lyrics

So we grow from the earth
Believe what we see
That a seed makes a tree
And we are all we can be
And that time is a measure of worth

We yearn to be upright
The award of evolution
We insist on conclusion
One full revolution
But the day doesn’t end, it just rolls into night
The day doesn’t end, it just rolls into night

Bear in mind all that came before
How the stems rose from the ashes
To be ashes once more
And all that comes after
All that’s in store
Oh Oleaster

We are tethered, we are towers
We rise above the peat
Keep the dirt at our feet
Like we’re not part of that beat
And what we get from the ground is ours

Determined to steer
We stand on the curve
Not enough to observe
We think we deserve
The whole world that brought us here

That we can decide
to be anywhere on its arc
And we’ll be fine
That we choose when time starts
The rest will adjust
The orbit will shift
We predict
Cause we are it
And everything revolves around us

Take this forward direction
Not as a lurch
But like a bird in perfect flight
From its temporary perch
The day doesn’t end
It just rolls into night

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