No Cinderella – lyrics

Counting down the minutes
Until the day we’re joined together seems like a parody
Because the time that we have known
Each other’s been like finding home
For this refugee

So let’s not worry ’bout the flowers
Something borrowed, something blue
And instead, I’ll spend my spare days
Thinking of all the ways
To surprise you

We don’t need magazines, catalogues, and registries
You can just love me so that everybody sees

We can throw a party
Everyone in town will bring their favourite food
And we’ll have it all laid out
On the table we picked out
Yeah, it’ll be so good

I won’t put all our friends in uncomfortable clothes
I’ll just love you so that everybody knows

There’s nothing that we need to say,
Our story just plays through
And all along
I’ll be here writing songs
To sing to you

I’m no Cinderella, you don’t need to find that shoe
I know you love me
I’ll just keep loving you
Like I already do

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