Navigators – lyrics

You’ve been decorated and adored
For all that you’ve been fighting for
Made of sand and lightning strands
The captain in command

We build our own worst enemies
We drive our own good deeds
We are the navigators, compass-holding, stubborn, scolding
Folding maps out of pine trees

And you are safe out on your own
But you are safer here
Here in the mouth of the bottle
Here in the hull of the ship
In this replicate, this perfect model
We can conquer it

There’s no sense in tearing
Through the trails, if not for sharing
All these winding roads, these scattered homes
The tilt and tumble of your prose

We are the trusted messengers
We are the notes under the door
We are the postal service, bundled nerves, this single purpose
First up in the sun, the snow, the downpour

You are well out on your own
But you are better here
Here with me on the diving board
Here with me in the old valley’s cradle
With all the love you have cold-stored
All spread out on the table

All the love
All the love

You get by out on your own
But you bring meaning here
Here in the instants that we get
Here in the locking of our limbs
With the time that we have left
Let’s call it in
Let’s call it all in
We are all in

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