My Town – lyrics

I won this town in a card game
Against a diamond trader’s wife
She fanned her hand across her shoulder
And swore I’d never hold it right

She shone in all that steel and stone
Stringing candy-coloured cars across her collarbone
And I was lucky just to play
To take it all and lay my claim

My town breaks the borders
Though I try to cut it down
Move through all the pieces
And ride it underground

Every lane is just an alley
Every line leads to the highway
Everything I do leaves me wishing you’d come through
My town
My town

Look up
Along the rows of balconies and flower beds
And lovers in their windows
The sky is torn to shreds

I will turn my head to the lake
When my neck starts to ache
My town
My town

Catching eyes in climate stares
Too cool to calm, too hot to care
I’m tracing train tracks with my toes
Wondering where the water goes

I won this town in a card game
And I am not the gambling type
I took it fair, no roads to spare
And I know how to hold it right

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