Lay Low Shadow – lyrics

I don’t want to take you home
Let you move in with my fear
You drove away my lovers
And a lot of my good years
Every time I trip up
That’s your cue to reappear
I know I’m drawn to the familiar
But you’re not welcome here

Sometimes you surprise me
Drop by when I’m alone
Holding up a coat that I could swear
I’d outgrown
It wraps around my rib cage
Every pocket’s filled with stones
I’m resigned to wear it
But I ache all through my bones

Lay low shadow
I know my heart
Lay low shadow
I know you don’t go far
I don’t want to be afraid of the dark

I’ve seen you creep in slow
Spread like water in the walls
But that frame is gonna bend
And this house is gonna fall
You got me on my hands and knees
I can only crawl my way out
From under it all

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