Forest Fire – BONUS TRACK

The Forest Fire bonus track is: My Baby Can Fix a Bike

My baby can fix a bike
He’s good with his hands and he knows what I like
When he tightens the spokes my temperature spikes
My baby can fix a bike

He’s got talent that couldn’t be taught
He knows balance and he knows what he’s got
He puts every piece in the perfect spot
My baby can fix a bike

In this world of cracks and breaks
All the wear and tear of past mistakes
He’s the one who can make it all right
My baby can fix a bike

He’s the quiet kind who won’t deny a favour
And he’s warm under all of those layers
Don’t buy the parts if you can’t do the labour
My baby can fix a bike

We are all complicated machines
And we’re marked by the places we’ve been
But this one rides like a dream
Cuz my baby can fix a bike

We’re blinded by shine and scared of rust
It’s harder to climb, even harder to trust
I’ve got a smooth-runnin’ lovin’ affair
He keeps me in good repair

All the others keep begging me to choose them
But all these intricate gears just confuse them
He’s got the tools and he knows how to use them
My baby can fix a bike

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Don Kerr at The Rooster Studios, Toronto, ON
Shawna Caspi: vocals, acoustic guitar
Rosalyn Dennett: background vocals
Don Kerr: drums, background vocals
Joel Schwartz: electric guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, resonator, tenor banjo
Ben Whiteley: double bass

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