Devil’s Rolling Pin – lyrics

It was one of those days in the dark
When the world’s made a terrible mark
On my softened skin that I covered up after the fact
It was colder than I thought
I said “I’m never gonna leave this spot”
And I got down low like the place was under attack

The March wind was a trickster
He was cooking up a mixture
Of all that winter left there on the shelf
I was shaking in my cotton shirt
Complaining how my body hurt
Staying at home feeling sorry for myself

“Put on your shoes! It’s up to you
You gotta move those feet or the demon’s gonna do you in
You can lie down when you’re dead.”
Said the voice in the back of my head
I don’t wanna live under the devil’s rolling pin

There’s a club at the end of the block
And the beer list’s written in chalk
I walked right in like I was going back for more
I said “Is this seat taken?”
I fear my back is breakin’”
The thin man at the table said “It’s yours”

That high and lonesome sound
Those guys were pickin’ hounds
Weaving in and out of the microphone stands
We raised a mason jar to Scruggs
Tore up that old bar rug
’Til my ice cold bones didn’t bother me so bad

The wholesome rugged band
Had the whole room in their hands
When they said goodnight we hollered “Play one more!”
Everyone was feeling fine
They did the last one double time
I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been this way before

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