Road life is a good life

It feels amazing to be touring again and especially to be playing live music with other musicians. I had a so much fun assembling this band of all-stars for my main stage set at the Live from the Rock Folk Festival. Here’s a 5-piece version of Love in a Moving Van in the blazing August evening sun in Northern Ontario:

Thanks to Nathan Smith (fiddle), Sarah Hiltz (vocals), Tim O’Reilly (bass and vocals), and Hannah Shira Naiman (banjo) for bringing this song to life on stage.

Dealer’s Choice Tour

I’m hitting the road in Ontario and Manitoba in August for the “Dealer’s Choice Tour“! It’s a triple bill songwriters-in-the-round show with me, Sarah Hiltz, and Rebekah Hawker.

Why is called “Dealer’s Choice”?
The first half of the show is presented in a standard songwriters-in-the-round format, with each of us taking turns swapping songs. But the second set invites audience participation – During the intermission, audience members write down suggestions for song themes and put them in a hat. For the rest of the show, we choose themes for each round from those suggestions and play songs based on those themes. We have to think quickly and be spontaneous, connecting our songs to each theme…It’s a fun, engaging, interactive show that’s different every time!

Want to join us? Show details and ticket info are on the GIGS page. Here’s where we’ll be:

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