Breakables – lyrics

Go on, unpack all your clothes and fold them in my dresser drawers
Set your suitcase on the floor
I’ll give you my open ears, you and all your wandering years
Everything that brought you here

I will wrap your heart in silk
When it’s worn and weathered
Lay it on a bed of quilts
Filled with down and feathers

You have everything you need
The lives you left can never pass the life you lead
You will bring your parachute and I will bring my diving suit
And we’ll untangle strings and hunt for clues

I will wrap your waist in gold
And tie the ends into my hair
I’ll pin the lines and hope they hold
I will bend my back to bear

All the world you carry should have made your body ache
But instead you move like dancers do,
Like the way your hip twists at the turnstyle,
Your catch-me-across-the-room smile

I will wrap your toes in mine
And you can rest your chin on my shoulder
We will know love in our time
Time will tell this life to turn over

We will wrap our hands in cloth
And we will face each other strong
If the words we speak are lost
They’ll be carried in this song

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