Brave Parade – lyrics

written by Lynn Miles

It’s OK, I’m not afraid
Marching in this brave parade
With all the souls who’ve crawled back up
Who bet despite their crazy luck
Who choose to love in an angry age
Refuse to bend to spite or rage
Who aren’t afraid of bad reviews
And don’t care if they win or lose

Who know that all the money’s probably spent
Every deadline came and went
Who know that love is not a game
And life is equal joy and pain
Who love moonlight across the bed
Question every word that’s said
Who celebrate every victory
And aren’t afraid of mystery

Who aren’t afraid of leaving town
Giving up or falling down
Throwing everything to chance
Fighting for a new romance
Who look between the skin and bones
Who long for comfort, ache for home
Who love the poets and the sky
The drifters and the ones who cry

So here’s a toast to the underdogs
The little boats lost in the fog
The ones who don’t quite fit the mold
Who never do what they are told
Who know that sad songs matter most
Who face the music and the ghosts
The lovers and the second best
Who have no medals on their chest

It’s OK, I’m not afraid
Marching in this brave parade

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