Apartments for Lovers – Radio Track List

Album Title: Apartments for Lovers
Artist: Shawna Caspi
Release date: August 19, 2014
Label: Independent

1. Anchor (4:32)
For the truck drivers, the lobster fishermen, the tree planters, the touring musicians, the Newfoundlanders in Alberta, and anyone else who has to leave their family in order to support their family. From the point of view of the person at home who is trying to keep a household together when a piece of that household is missing.
2. Devil’s Rolling Pin (3:04)
The true story of a night at the weekly bluegrass jam at the TRANZAC Club in Toronto. References to the cold March air, Mason jars, and Earl Scruggs.
3. The Love I Know (4:55)
A lonely song. When even a tiny room in a big city feels empty.
4. Driverside (2:26)
Guitar instrumental. Picture a long, clear highway drive, with the landscape whizzing by the windows.
5. This is the End of It (3:17)
Very slow and sad. Waiting for someone who isn’t going to show up.
6. I’m Trying to Leave (5:01)
Inspired by an interview on CBC’s “Day 6”, this is Corporal Jonathan Woolvett’s story. He’s a Canadian Forces soldier who returned home from Afghanistan with PTSD and couldn’t get the help he needed from the army. Ultimately, his father had to kidnap him in order to get him off the base and into a treatment centre. All the while, Jonathan just wanted to get better so he could go back out there and fight.
7. Aubrey Falls (2:48)
Guitar instrumental. Inspired by the waterfalls up in northern Ontario’s Algoma Country.
8. Here and There (3:40)
Very slow and anticipatory. Anxiously waiting for someone at the airport arrivals gate.
9. Grace (3:46)
A song for the matriarchs – the strong mothers who quietly keep families together, the grandmothers who are still feisty and flirty, the women with life experience and good advice.
10. Not So Silent (4:44)
Inspired by a speech made by Halifax NDP MP Megan Leslie on December 6 (National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women), reflecting on the Montreal Massacre, women’s equality and safety at home and abroad, and looking for change.
Verse 1 is for the missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.
Verse 2 is for the wives and daughters who are told to obey or suffer, for the honour killings.
Verse 3 is for any woman who has been afraid to walk home alone at night.
Verse 4 is for those who report their assaults and are not taken seriously.
Verse 5 is for everyone: We can speak up, we can support each other, we can stand up for what’s right and we can be louder together.

All songs written and performed by Shawna Caspi
Shawna Caspi – vocals, acoustic guitar
Jason LaPrade – engineer, producer
Paintings by Shawna Caspi
Design by Amy Campbell

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