Anchor – lyrics

Darling you won’t answer
I thought that you should know
I made dinner, nothing fancy
Just some chili on the stove
I’ve been working in the garden but I’ve got a ways to go

Darling you won’t answer
I know you’re on the road
And you hate the glare of the truck lights
Off the chrome
But you love the calm of a day that’s gone and the late night radio

There’s a quiet here I used to crave
I might deny it but I’m counting the days
You are the anchor, I am the chain
Just hanging on ’til you’re home again

Darling you won’t answer
I’m sorry it’s so late
It’s getting harder not to miss you
At this rate
Now there are two of us here waiting and I’m patient for her sake

Darling you won’t answer
Maybe when you wake
We’ve both been sick since Wednesday
And the baby’s got an earache
I tried to sing your lullaby but the words just wouldn’t take

I’ve been keeping the fire lit and mending the fences
The older she gets, the harder the questions
This little house feels like a hall
Everything echoes whenever I call

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