Showcases and Song Camp

It feels so great to convene with other artists and make music in the same room together. I had the pleasure of showcasing at two music conferences recently (including one with my band!) and I participated in the Songwriters Association of Canada Pro Songworks Song Camp, where 9 creators got together in Toronto to write and record brand new songs. I love the electricity that sparks when I’m nudged outside my comfort zone.

Showcasing at the Folk Music Ontario conference with the band.
photo by Dave Bates
SAC Pro Songworks Song Camp at Universal Music Canada.
photo by Kenya Jade
Late night in-the-round showcase at the NERFA conference.
photo by Neale Eckstein

Tours are coming together in Canada and the USA for 2023 and will be posted as they are made public on the GIGS page. Can’t wait to see you on the road!

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