Songs on canvas shaped by craft – Ghost Town

GHOST TOWN artwork inspired by DATA BLANKETS: The scenery stretches out in strips of purple and yellow. The next town is more than just a stop on the road, more than its census reports and construction surveys. The people we meet are more than just our first impressions. It takes empathy and curiosity to seek out their stories and make a deeper connection. I often feel self-conscious when I’m on the road, like I’m an outsider who doesn’t fit in, and everyone around me can see it. It’s tempting to put up walls when encountering an unfamiliar face, but a bit of kindness can go a long way in creating space for acceptance and understanding between strangers. Data blankets are the perfect combination of nerdy science and cozy textiles. They depict temperature changes or sleep patterns as crocheted or knitted rows of coloured yarn. Stringing stories together. 

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