Winter waiting

I rarely check the weather forecast anymore, unless I’m heading out to stand in line outside the grocery store. I used to watch the windchill numbers to gauge how many scarves I’d need to wear on a winter bike ride and eyeball the snowfall warnings before packing up the tour car. This short month already feels long. These short days feel uncertain.

I’ve been lucky to be able to continue production on my album in the remote realm, flying files back and forth through online space as we all work alone in little weatherproofed rooms.

Thanks to everyone who supported my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign over the past couple of months! I look forward to being in touch to deliver your well-deserved perks.

I’ll be popping on the livestream scene this month to play a special song for the Women of Folkways concert at Edmonton’s Winter Roots Roundup, co-presented with the Northern Lights Folk Club. Four years ago, I was honoured to be there in person, but online is the next best thing! More information here.

You also might have noticed that my website now has its very own store. You can buy digital and CD versions of my last two albums directly from me!

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