Bed tracks in a pandemic

Back in March, I thought I’d be coming home from a US tour and jumping right into the bed tracks for my new album. For the first time, in all the recordings I’ve made, I was going to be in the studio with a four-piece band. We would be making music as an ensemble.

It soon became clear that ensemble situations were going to be outlawed for a while. But we really wanted to make this record in this way, so we put the project on hold until we could make it happen safely.

Now, in August, after quarantine, province-wide shutdowns, and then the gradual re-opening process, we have finally been able to realize this part of the recording project.

Huge thanks to the musicians, Mark Mariash, Devon Henderson, and Joel Schwartz (who is also producing the album) and the engineers at Canterbury Music Company, Jeremy Darby and Julian Decorte, for making this happen with all the necessary protocols in place. It was dreamy to play music with humans again.

Keep following the advice of health professionals and scientists. Wear your masks. If you want a cute, comfortable mask like the one I’m wearing in the first photo, get in touch with my friend Krista Muir.

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