Feels like fall

Things are in full sweater-wearing songwriting swing over here. It’s the best time of the year at the farmers’ market because the peaches are still around but the melons and apples are out too and this abundance of fresh local fruit makes me happy in a way I need to store and recall in the depths of February.

I’ve been spending a lot of time writing, which is a natural and welcome conclusion of touring an album for two years. I find that I’m using so many of the lessons I learned when I was at the Banff Centre residency, most notably the idea of seeing a song to its end – when I get an idea, to run with it and not give up until the song is done. I look forward to some periods of uninterrupted writing time that will be coming up as the weather gets colder. It feels like being a kid let loose at camp. The freedom of time and play and experimentation – a luxury in creation.

Folks close to home can come see me play later in September in Ontario, including this special songwriters in the round show at the Pearl Company in Hamilton, with Corrina Keeling and Jeff Giles:

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