Fall on the horizon

The start of September always feels like the sun setting on summer – even though here in Toronto, the air is still thick and muggy and the long weekend feels like it’s stretching out to accommodate the anxious back-to-schoolers.

photo by Mary Little at the Wiarton cottage concert, Aug 2018

My summer was filled with music and travel and friends old and new. I’m gearing up for a fall filled with much of the same, only maybe with longer sleeves and multi-coloured leaves.
For the home base crowd, I’m playing at one of the best rooms in Toronto, the Burdock, on September 8, just before I fly out to BC. I’ll be opening for Australian artist Glenn Skuthorpe at his album release show. Tickets are on sale now.
Forest Fire just turned one year old and I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received for this project. Stay tuned for new songs and new adventures.

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