An update on Forest Fire

The CDs have arrived. They are shiny and three-dimensional and there are hundreds of them.
And as much as I want to drop them all from the sky and into your hands (possibly while yelling “It’s finally done!!! AAAAAAAA!”), I’m keeping them in their little boxes for the moment.
You see, the CD now has an Official Release Date. And a strategy for how to get these songs to more ears and some extra support to help make it happen.
And while in the past I was always in a big rush to push out the finished product, out of excitement for the newness of it all, and exhaustion from the anticipation in the lead up, I’m trying a different approach this time. And it means hanging on to these sparkly discs until the release date on September 1, 2017.
If you were hoping to order a CD this summer, I hope you’ll stick with me until the CDs go on sale in September. I’m still taking preorders here, and those will come with a free pre-release MP3 download of Love in a Moving Van.
Thanks so much for your patience and support!

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