The first day of spring

Last week, I drove to London in a snow storm. When it comes to inclement weather, there’s always that moment where I’ve got to make the call – Do I risk it? Is it really that bad? Do I cancel the gig? Will I regret it? I’m pretty sure nobody would have faulted me for staying home this time, but I stubbornly pushed through and luckily made it to London without incident. I was very glad to get to play for the students at Fanshawe College and I hope I can come back again next year.
Now I’m gearing up for next month’s east coast tour, learning new songs to play on the train, and looking forward to revisiting old haunts and discovering new favourites. Thanks to East Coast Kitchen Party for posting this preview about my tour.
How about a video to tide you over until I can play for you in person? This footage was taken at the TRANZAC show on Saturday night:

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