NXNE: 2013 edition

North by Northeast is about to descend on my Current HQ of Toronto. Musicians from all over the world will flood the streets, airports, and stages of the city. Bars stay open extra long and sleep is something to catch up on later.
For the third year, I find myself in the Saturday – 1:00am timeslot at the Free Times Cafe. It’s one of the best places to be as the festival winds down. Come in, find a comfortable seat, and order an iced tea (or a nightcap) or a bowl of matzo ball soup in the wee hours. I’ll play you some acoustic music to rest your ears and minds after a whirlwind week. Find the details here.
Check out this NXNE preview article by Ryan Ayukawa who, incidentally, gave me my first ever gig at the Free Times Cafe, some ten years ago.

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